Web platform

Your Web Platform will be your control panel, accessible from the menu MyBigEye.

After you make your purchase you will be given account name and password to access the platform.

From here you can monitor your mobile phone or GPS device that we have provided to you.

Your Web Platform will always be at your disposal and will communicate to you 24 hours a 24 all the information regarding:

  • the position,
  • path,
  • the stops,
  • the speed,
  • output from predetermined regions,
  • the group of vision in a single screen,
  • historian also printable path in different formats,
  • the low battery alarm,the total mileage of the displacements,
  • SOS

and much more.

Our GPS device is already compatible with the Platform.

The phone that you want to control through the Platform will be made compatible by downloading this free Android application from GooglePlay and letting us know your IMEI number which you'll find typing on your phone's keypad * # 06 #


Click here to download the APP The Big Eye 2.0


 mappa ortisei3



Bigeye from menu you can access the map after you have logged in for your safety.

You must enter the account name and password.

The menu is easy to use and intuitive.

Divided into three sections.

Maps, reports, Administration.



This section visions your GPS or mobile devices.

You can check the latest position, the movement of history with a lot of news regarding the way as sos warning, over speed, stops, addresses, etc. mileage. and have a group of vision if you have other accounts.

All in real time.



In this section you can download data from your devices.



In this section you can manage and edit your information, your Account, your devices, the Groups, the perimeters and Password.

Click on google + youtube link you will have all the movies that will introduce you to the use of all the Platform functions.


Quick guide:

How to identify your device.

  • After signing in, click on the "position" from the main menu, you will see the pin on the map.

How to select a device if I have more than one.

  • Click on location, and if you have more than one device, open the drop-down menu after "last position" and select the device.

How to view them all together.

  • Click on "Map Group."

How to see the last position.

  • Click on the "Position".

How to see the distance traveled.

  • Click on "Device Map."

How to see if it was launched an SOS.

  • Appears an SOS signal on the map, "shows the details" and you will receive an email.

How to set up a perimeter alarm.

  • Click on the icon in the Administration section "Geozone Management".

How to set the speed alarm.

  • Click on the icon in the Administration Section "Device" change maximum speed.

How to know if the device's battery is low.

  • You will receive a notice "Details."

How to change the pw.

  • Click on the icon in the Administration section "Change Password".