GPS locator for one or more vehicles



The Big Eye device allows you to control and to better manage the resources you possess obtaining a considerable increase in efficiency.

The solution chosen by the Italians when it comes to insuring your car, always falls on a simple RCA with civil liability, but the statistics show an increase in car and motorcycle thefts every year increases exponentially.

The Big Eye's solutions are ideal for all citizens who wish to monitor their vehicles (which can also be a truck for work use) but also for companies wishing to locate their vehicles at any situation.

Companies can optimize and better organize their work while reducing the time and especially consumption.

This technology is also very useful for civil protection and rescue organizations.

Companies that would enjoy the The Big Eye device:

  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Local operators
  • Heavy equipment rentals
  • Industries and construction sites
  • Control of first aid means
  • Clear snow
  • Garbage collection
  • Supervisory institutions