The Big Eye allows you to report your presence in an emergency.

The device, connected to the platform will follow you in every shift, with a click you can notify an alarm notification and your location.

The device or application The Big Eye will help especially in dangerous situations where it is impossible to notify the proper authorities.

With a simple click sends and receives an alarm signal with the exact location.

The signaling Keychain First Aid It is particularly suitable in situations where it becomes fundamental to be localized.

Activating the function Keychain First Aid a hiker in distress can be easily traced in the middle of a forest or a reserve, and is essential in cases of extreme danger, that is, when one or more people are injured or unable to return to the starting point.

The The Big Eye device is also frequently used in mountainous areas, skiers and mountaineers who go to little areas frequented. Other cases may be related to workers who find themselves in an isolated environment and free of any position reporting tool.

The SOS device is particularly suitable for:

  • hikers
  • skiers
  • mountaineers
  • People trekking passionate
  • campers
  • Senior citizens
  • children