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FAQs - MyBigEye en

It 'a GPS satellite service to signal its presence, monitor and control vehicle family members and pets, also in case of emergency. The track stick visible location via the Internet, through a Web software simple and intuitive management, or by an application compatible with all smartphones with Android technology.

The Big Eye allows you to control in real time, from their Smartphone or via the Internet, the location of all family members, your pet or your vehicle, map his route, stops, control zones and speed, environmental listening , etc...

The benefits of The Big Eye are: the presentation of a valid product at competitive prices, a web platform (web software) extremely simple and functional, and a dedicated technical support.

SIM to buy must be of size: Mini-SIM, 25 × 15 × 0.76 mm, to have all the functions to be voice and data traffic.

If you just want to track the location you can use a SIM only data traffic, but if you want to avail even listening environment you will use a Sim voice and data traffic.

Remember that it is essential to disable pin and secretary before using the SIM in the device, we recommend the most common operator-enabled GSM service except 3 not enabled the service.

Setting the device to an update every 5 seconds consumption is below 200 megabytes per month on average.

Certainly, however, in narrow streets with tall buildings at the sides may occur a phenomenon known as Canyon effect that disturbs the acquisition of GPS signals by the device and the detection of the position may therefore be inaccurate.

No, The Big Eye allows you to real-time control the path, location, and environmental listening via a web platform.
simply connect to any device with internet access (PC, Tablet, SmartPhone, etc.) to connect to the portal and click MyBigEye and enter their access codes to start using the service.

The Account is a super-user who can create other users and manage permissions on the platform, as well as give some users the ability to control some devices and not others.

This is particularly advisable when an account manages more devices and users and want to show different users to different devices.

We implemented dedicated solutions for each type of requirement. By contacting us on the site and illustrandoci your needs we will provide the solutions and more detailed explanations.

Simply select a larger radius by increasing the meters on the right box "Radius (meters)." You can also use "polygon" beyond "point-radius" to create zones with special shapes and not round.

Increasing the frequency of sending messages decreases the battery life. Using the device for environmental listening the battery life decreases rapidly.

Because if the moving speed of the device is minimal, this decreases the amount of data sent to the server frequency to save battery as there is no need to report a new location.

The Geozone must have a radius of over 200 meters and not be too limited because during long stops of the map pin overlap and to be visible may get out of the predetermined zone by sending the alarm signal.


     The positioning of the battery,
     The positioning of the SIM card into the slot,
     That the device is turned on,
     You can acquire the GPS position,
     That the data connection is possible,
     That credit on the SIM is sufficient or that the contract for the data connection is in place.

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