Car Charger



Transformer to be connected to different types of batteries to avoid ever running device on cars, motorcycles, boats.

Plug it directly via the two wires and insert the jack into the device.

Suitable for voltages between 9 and 36V DC is equipped with a fuse to prevent damage.


Cigar lighter charger



Battery charger for cars, vans or trucks, can simultaneously charge two batteries, just plug into the cigarette lighter or any 12V outlet in your vehicle.


Magnetic Cover



The magnetic cover with 4 powerful magnets keep the balance to the metals your GPS device allowing you to expand dramatically the possibilities of use and guaranteeing security and reliability.


Hermetic Enclosure



Thanks to our hermetic enclosure your device will be protected from water, snow, salt and debris allowing you to use it in the most varied situations and extreme guaranteeing the possibility to safeguard it.


Case in red or black neoprene for kids or dogs



Our neoprene with Velcro closure case allows you to use the TBE putting the waistband of your teens or clipped to bags and backpacks, it can also be put on the collar of your dog through the slot in the back and the safety catch.

Available in black and red with contrasting stitching.



Belkin neoprene arm or black or red wrist



Comfortable to wear on the arm or wrist with double velcro closure available in black and red with contrasting stitching.